Thursday, December 1, 2011


so before i started this here WEBLOG i was just posting playlists to the facebook but nobody ever "liked" it or commented so fuckem. as i mentioned in the last post i've had a show on and off (mainly on) for abouts the past 7 years but most of my old shows and stuff are pretty much undocumented so i figured i'd start doing that now with this blog. KSDT Radio is a freeform college station located at UC San Diego, you can stream shows live if you want and i'll be posting up links to download em as well. the school goes by a quarterly system, and in this inaugural playlist post it's the first show from the Fall 2011 quarter. sweet, let's get to the good shit, i'm just gonna copy paste whatever i wrote on facebook for these first few ones:

Yeeaaaahhhhhh I'm back on the air and got tons and tons of cool new stuff to play for everyone! First show since Spring and so many great records came out over the Summer I've gotta spend this and the next few shows recapping it all! Check out today's playlist, download links at the bottom, hope ya like it!

Reatards - Stacye (Teenage Hate, Goner, 2011 orig. 1998)
Reatards - I Love Living (*)
The Spits - Die Die Die (1st s/t LP, Slovenly, 2011 orig. 2000)
The Spits - Black Kar (*)
The Wax Museums - Between (Eye Times, Trouble In Mind, 2011)
The Wax Museums - Bruiser (*)
Royal Headache - Psychotic Episode (s/t LP, R.I.P. Society, 2011)
Total Control - Carpet Rash (Henge Beat, Iron Lung, 2011)
Psandwich - Sketchnya (Northren Psych, Columbus Discount, 2011)
Liquor Store - Gas Station (Yeah Buddy, Almost Ready, 2011)
Mickey - Rock N' Roll Dreamer (Rock 'N Roll Dreamer, HoZac, 2011)
Cum Stain - Vicdumb (Hurry Up and Kill Yourself You Scumbag Trust Me Your Mother Won't Miss You, Burger, 2011)
Rocket From The Tombs - I Sell Soul (Barfly, Smog Veil, 2011)
Woods - Find Them Empty (Find Them Empty 7", Sacred Bones, 2011)
The Paperhead - In A Living Swing (Focus In On... The Looking Glass, Trouble In Mind, 2011)
Michael Yonkers Band - Microminiature Love (Microminiature Love, Sub Pop, 2011)
Michael Yonkers Band - Boy in the Sandbox (*)

Direct download link (up for 2 months)
Alternate download link

Thanks for listening!

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