Thursday, December 1, 2011


ALRIGHT now we're all caught up, living in the now, kickin out the jams and raw doggin it. there wasn't a show last week because i was outta town for thanksgiving. both turntables are working this week, more or less. it was a good show, no fuckups like the last few. played a buncha rad shit like the brand new Michael Yonkers & the Blind Shake lp and the Black Humor "Love God..." lp reissue. i'm mentioning those in particular because they're the best and most interesting things i played today, at least i think so, hope you enjoy it!

Total Control - See More Glass (Henge Beat, Iron Lung, 2011)
Total Control - Retiree (*)
Wooden Shjips - Phonograph (Phonograph 7", Thrill Jockey, 2011)
Crystal Stilts - Radiant Door (Radiant Door ep, Sacred Bones, 2011)
Heavy Times - Electronic Cigarette (Jacker, HoZac, 2011)
Acid Baby Jesus - You Had It Coming (lp, Slovenly, 2011)
Human Eye - The Movie Was Real (They Came From The Sky, Sacred Bones, 2011)
Degreaser - B2 (Bottom Feeder, Negative Guest List, 2011)
Low Life - Down Under (Sydney Darbs, Negative Guest List, 2011)
Michael Yonkers and The Blind Shake - Talk To Me (Period, S.S., 2011)
Michael Yonkers and The Blind Shake - When Will I (*)
Hank IV - Bellyful of Slugs (Bellyful of Slugs 7", S.S., 2011)
Black Humor - I Should've Let Him DIE! (Love God Love One Another, Superior Viaduct, 2011 orig. 1982)
Black Humor - Hometown Vigilante (*)
Cop City / Chill Pillars - Subtropical Apartment (Held Hostage On Planet Chill, Florida's Dying, 2011)
Video - The Husband (Leather Leather, Play Pinball, 2011)
Useless Eaters - Space City (Daily Commute, Tic Tac Totally, 2011)

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thank you for listening!

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