Thursday, December 1, 2011


annnnnd within a week of the cartridges getting replaced, Dj ReMix fucked em up again it was unbelievable

alright so somebody FUCKED UP the fuckin brand new turntable cartridges already so only one of them was working AGAIN. total fuckin bummer but i still managed to play MOST of what i was intending to today in spite of crooked styli and shit, here it is:

Heavy Times – Welcome to the Graveyard (Dead, Rotted Tooth, 2011 orig. 2010)
Heavy Times – Skull Hair (Jacker, HoZac, 2011)
Butcher Cover – Modfucker (s/t lp, Rotted Tooth, 2011)
Low Life – Rewire (Sydney Darbs, Negative Guest List, 2011)
Degreaser – A3 (Bottom Feeder, Negative Guest List, 2011)
Degreaser – A4 (*)
Gaunt – Jim Motherfucker (Jim Motherfucker 7”, Get Hip, 2011 orig. 1992)
Video – Images (Leather Leather, Play Pinball, 2011)
Monoshock – Hawkwind Show (Nitroglycerine +2, Bag Of Hammers, 1995)
True Sons of Thunder – Nate the Rat (Spoonful of Seedy Dudes, Jeth Row, 2011)
The Onions – Ancient Astronaut (demo CD-R, Certified PR, 2011)
Roach Motel – Death Squad (It’s Lonely At The Top, Florida’s Dying, 2011)
Roach Motel – Shut Up (*)
The Shit Dogs – Raw Meat (History of Cheese, Last Laugh, 2011)
The Shit Dogs – Killer Cain (*)
Chester Vomit & The Dry Heaves – Driving It Home (Stunk Rocker, Rave Up, 2008 orig. 1978)
King Usniewicz & His Usniewicztones – If I Had A Hammer (Doin’ the Woo Hoo, Norton, 1994)
King Usniewicz & His Usniewicztones – The Chicken Pecker (*)
Hasil Adkins – Ha Ha Cat Walk Baby (Out To Hunch, Norton, 1986)
Hasil Adkins – Rockin’ Robin (*)

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thanks for listening!

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