Thursday, December 1, 2011


repost of what i originally wrote for this show on facefuckinbook:

Hey everyone! Had a DECENT show today, and i say decent because the music was all real cool (of course) but i kept effin up shit. i dunno why but the mp3 player jack thing wasn't working either so when i tried to play the theme song off my phone nothing happened... weird. i was also gonna stream a song from Spotify off the new album by The Spits but, alas, i could not! i remembered to bring my 45 adapter this time (although it popped out of one of the damn singles as i was trying to queue it up, ugh). despite errors and other stuff i still think today was pretty good, pretty DECENT, here's what was played:

Blank Realm - "Hey! Little Child" (Hey! Little Child 7", Negative Guest List, 2011)
Acid Baby Jesus - "Mesmerized" (LP, Slovenly, 2011)
Case Studies - "Lies" (The World is Just a Shape to Fill the Night, Sacred Bones, 2011)
Cult of Youth - "The Devil's Coals" (The Devils Coals 7", Blind Prophet, 2011)
Johnathan Halper - "Leaving My Old Life Behind" (Puce Moment OST 7", Puck Productions, 2011)
Psandwich - "Spiral Scroll Stroll" (Northren Psych, Columbus Discount, 2011)
Psandwich - "Third Eye Pod" (*)
Human Eye - "Junkyard Heart" (They Came From The Sky, Sacred Bones, 2011)
John Wesley Coleman III - "A Clown Gave You A Baby" (split 7" w/ Timmy's Organism, Goner, 2011)
Royal Headache - "Wilson Street" (s/t LP, R.I.P. Society, 2011)
Royal Headache - "Honey Joy" (*)
The Perennials - "My Side of the Mountain" (Party Pack 2x7", Eradicator, 2011)
The Perennials - "Savannah" (*)
Kitchen's Floor - "116" (Look Forward To Nothing, Siltbreeze, 2011)
Kitchen's Floor - "Regrets" (*)
Red Mass - "Suicide" (Suicide 7", Certified PR, 2011)
The Spits - "Sk8" (1st s/t LP, Slovenly, 2011 orig. 2000)
Royal Headache - "Down the Lane" (*)
Hammer Damage - "Laugh" (Laugh 7", Last Laugh, 2011 orig. 1982)
Kitchen's Floor - "Every Day" (*)

somewhere in there is side A off a single by Moscow Moscow Moscow (i forget the name) but that was at the heigth of my fuck-uppage so i don't even think you can hear it..... i will make up for this next week with more new records!!! THANKS FOR LISTENING

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