Thursday, December 1, 2011


somebody fucked up the cartridge on one of the station's turntables trying to be DJ remix or some shit, it was bullshit and the quality of today's show suffers because of it, oh well, it is what it is:

Hey everyone! Today's show was kinda EFFED UP because one of the turntables was out of commission (stylus broke off) so I ended up having to play shit off my phone and didn't even get a chance to play all the crap i brought aaahhhhhhhh.. well i think i did a decent job and managed to play MOST of what i wanted to, hope it sounds OKAY

Timmy’s Organism – “Mind Over Matter” (split 7” w/ John Wesley Coleman III, Goner, 2011)
Liquor Store – “Banned from the Block” (Yeah Buddy, Almost Ready, 2011)
Dead Moon – “Dead Moon Night” (Unknown Passage, Mississippi, 2011 orig. 1989)
Rocket From The Tombs – “Birth Day” (Barfly, Smog Veil, 2011)
Dan Melchior Und Das Menace – “Mr. Oblivian” (Mr. Oblivian 7”, Columbus Discount, 2009)
Acid Baby Jesus – “I’m A Baby” (LP, Slovenly, 2011)
Shannon and The Clams – “The Cult Song” (Sleep Talk, 1-2-3-4 Go!, 2011)
Cum Stain – “Broke My Dick” (Hurry Up and Kill Yourself You Scumbag Trust Me Your Mother Won't Miss You, Burger, 2011)
Reatards – “Quite All Right” (Teenage Hate, Goner, 2011 orig. 1998)
Reatards – “Fashion Victim” (*)
Oblivians – “Memphis Creep” (Six of the Best, Sympathy for the Record Industry, 1995)
The Freeze – “I Hate Tourists” (s/t 7”, Schizophrenic, 2005 orig. 1980)
Watery Love – “Die With Dignity” (Die With Dignity 7”, Siltbreeze, 2011)
Hatefuck – “Hwy 10” (Rock ‘N Roll Letdown, Negative Guest List, 2011)
The Zeros – “Main Street Brat” (Main Street Brat b/w Handgrenade Heart 7”, Last Laugh, 2010)
The Spits – “Fed Up” (V, In The Red, 2011)
The Spits – “Fallout Beach” (*)
Kitchen’s Floor – “Twenty-Four” (Look Forward To Nothing, Siltbreeze, 2011)
Wooden Shjips – “Looking Out” (West, Thrill Jockey, 2011)

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