Monday, October 28, 2013

Stoned Out Of My Mind | 10-27-13

Hey everyone, got a new edition of SOOMM for ya! So I found out Lou Reed died a few hours before doing the show, and it bummed me out, but I wanted to do something to help honor the man, so we start things off with the best L. Reed cover out there and that is Watery Love's take on "Leave Me Alone" which I have been known to play constantly on repeat while at work. Speaking of WL, they got a new single in the works comin out by the end of the year on In The Red Records, check out the sample track on Testostertunes soundcloud. Sick!! rest of today's podcast is full of lots of great shit including both sides of the new Gary Wrong Group and Wizzard Sleeve split single "Halloween Violence", both 2013 Kitchen's Floor singles which are actually retrospective I guess ("Regrets" originally released in 2010 but severely OOP since then and "Deadshits" recorded/released on CDr back in 2008) big thanks to R.I.P. Society and Easter Bilby Records for getting those out to the masses, the absolutely essential Ego Summit "The Room Isn't Big Enough" reissue on 540 Records, and some of the best stuff I've heard lately Sacred Product and Satanic Rockers both the brainchild of Lynton Denovan, and if my "Fu Kung" review didn't convince you to go check'em out well you can do it right here, top of the pops for 2013 without a doubt, plus lots more, tune in below (ps: i managed to save the last song from getting cut-off by splicing in a different rip of the ending, hopefully ya can barely notice):

Watery Love - Leave Me Alone (L. Reed R.I.P.) | Die With Dignity 7" | Siltbreeze | 2012
Gary Wrong Group - Dream Smasher | Halloween Violence 7" | Pelican Pow Wow / Jeth-Row | 2013
Constant Mongrel - Perks and the Thrills | Heavy Breathing | Siltbreeze | 2013
His Electro Blue Voice - Abuser | White Wall 7" | Bat Shit | 2012
His Electro Blue Voice - Born/Tired | Ruthless Sperm | Sub Pop | 2013
Lower Plenty - How Low Can A Punk Get? | Hard Rubbish | Easter Bilby / Special Award | 2012
Kitchen's Floor - Deadshits | Deadshits 7" | Easter Bilby | 2013
Kitchen's Floor - Dishes | *
Kitchen's Floor - Orbit | Regrets 7" | R.I.P. Society | 2013 orig. 2010
Kitchen's Floor - Regrets | *
Roachclip - Appearing Ill | Discovery Park | All Gone | 2013
Mordecai - Tongue | College Rock | Richie | 2013
Ego Summit - Illogical | The Room Isn't Big Enough | 540 / Old Age/No Age | 2013 orig. 1997
Wizzard Sleeve - Loupgarou | Halloween Violence 7" | *
Sacred Product - Another Shot At Life | s/t tape | Alberts Basement | 2013
Satanic Rockers - The Legendary Pignose | Fu Kung | Alberts Basement / Black Petal / Sunshine & Grease | 2013

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Stoned Out Of My Mind | 10-20-13

New episode of SOOMM this week, featuring lotsa psych N prog N rock N roll..! Several real looonng tracks this go round, but first we get things kicked off with a track each off the awesome LITA reissues of Roky Erickson's earliest solo releases, then we get into the killer guitar of Neil Michael Hagerty and his Howling HEx from the killer Hildreth TApes 3xLP of live recordings made around New York in the 2000s, followed by some European heavy psych/Prog featuring Martin WEaver's earliest groups Wicked Lady and Dark, and the recently reissued Greek-prog private press parthenon Suffering of Tomorrow by Pete & Royce, thanks LBC/Musicbazz!!
(also: sorry bout the very ending where i'm talking gets caught off.. luckily all i say is "i hope this doesn't get cut off since the shows record automatically based on the schedule and nobody's after me so if I go over it won't record and there's nothing I can do" ... sorry!)

Roky Erickson - Don't Slander Me | Don't Slander Me | Light In The Attic | 2013 orig. 1986
Roky Erickson & The Aliens - Stand For The Fire Demon | The Evil One | Light In The Attic | 2013 orig. 1981
Roky Erickson - Warning (Social And Political Injustices) | Gremlins Have Pictures | Light In The Attic | 2013 orig. 1986
Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex - The Storm Song | The Hildreth Tapes | Golden Lab | 2013
Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex - Pair Back Up Mass With | *
Wicked Lady - Passion | Psychotic Overkill | Guerssen | 2012
Dark - Maypole | Round The Edges | Machu Picchu Ltd. | 2013 orig. 1972
Pete & Royce - Maybe / Face of the Moon / Round Your Grave | Suffering of Tomorrow | Little Big Chief / Musicbazz | 2013 orig. 1980

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you look like Michael Caine (???)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Stoned Out Of My Mind | 10-13-13

Hey, long time no update, but the good news is that I'm back doing radio shows again as of TODAY so here it is. Have a whole bunch of stuff that's come out over summer to get caught up on. BIG chunk of today's show dedicated to all the latest Total Punk singles. New OZ punk from the likes of Housewives, Ich Bin Ein Esel, and Cuntz. Plus lots more. It is totally cool to be doin' this again so I hope ya like it, here's the playlist and stuff:


Speed, Glue & Shinki - Stoned Out Of My Mind | Eve | Phoenix | 2010 orig. 1971
Afflicted Man - For The Few I Please | I'm Off Me 'ead | Permanent | 2013 orig. 1980
Housewives - Fuck You Or Fuck Yeah | Second 7" | ANTI FADE | 2013
Housewives - Phaser | *
Bits of Shit - W.W.Me | Meat Thump 7" | Total Punk | 2013
Golden Pelicans - Chained To This Dumpster | The Earls 7" | Total Punk | 2013
Gino & The Goons - Big Boy | Troubled 7" | Total Punk | 2013
Buck Biloxi & The Fucks - Not Getting Stabbed | Holodeck Survivor 7" | Total Punk | 2013
Cheap Time - Soon Over Soon | Goodbye Age 7" | Total Punk | 2013
Life Stinks - Drag You | Shadow On The Wall 7" | Total Punk | 2013
Ich Bin Ein Esel - Man Punches Shark | Holy Grail 7" | Swashbuckling Hobo | 2013
Ich Bin Ein Esel - Hate, Fear and Conquest | *
Yi - Junk Memories | Punk Memories 7" | self-released | 2013
Gary Wrong Group - Post Natal Pre Death | Knights of Misery | Total Punk | 2013
Satan Panonski - Oči U Magli | Hard Blood Shock | S.S. | 2013
Cuntz - Third World Attitude | Solid Mates | Homeless | 2013
Cuntz - Bin Day | *
True Sons Of Thunder - Friends of Mine / Gettin Kinda Cocky | Stop And Smell Your Face | Little Big Chief | 2013


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fuck shit up