Thursday, December 1, 2011


ALRIGHT now we're all caught up, living in the now, kickin out the jams and raw doggin it. there wasn't a show last week because i was outta town for thanksgiving. both turntables are working this week, more or less. it was a good show, no fuckups like the last few. played a buncha rad shit like the brand new Michael Yonkers & the Blind Shake lp and the Black Humor "Love God..." lp reissue. i'm mentioning those in particular because they're the best and most interesting things i played today, at least i think so, hope you enjoy it!

Total Control - See More Glass (Henge Beat, Iron Lung, 2011)
Total Control - Retiree (*)
Wooden Shjips - Phonograph (Phonograph 7", Thrill Jockey, 2011)
Crystal Stilts - Radiant Door (Radiant Door ep, Sacred Bones, 2011)
Heavy Times - Electronic Cigarette (Jacker, HoZac, 2011)
Acid Baby Jesus - You Had It Coming (lp, Slovenly, 2011)
Human Eye - The Movie Was Real (They Came From The Sky, Sacred Bones, 2011)
Degreaser - B2 (Bottom Feeder, Negative Guest List, 2011)
Low Life - Down Under (Sydney Darbs, Negative Guest List, 2011)
Michael Yonkers and The Blind Shake - Talk To Me (Period, S.S., 2011)
Michael Yonkers and The Blind Shake - When Will I (*)
Hank IV - Bellyful of Slugs (Bellyful of Slugs 7", S.S., 2011)
Black Humor - I Should've Let Him DIE! (Love God Love One Another, Superior Viaduct, 2011 orig. 1982)
Black Humor - Hometown Vigilante (*)
Cop City / Chill Pillars - Subtropical Apartment (Held Hostage On Planet Chill, Florida's Dying, 2011)
Video - The Husband (Leather Leather, Play Pinball, 2011)
Useless Eaters - Space City (Daily Commute, Tic Tac Totally, 2011)

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annnnnd within a week of the cartridges getting replaced, Dj ReMix fucked em up again it was unbelievable

alright so somebody FUCKED UP the fuckin brand new turntable cartridges already so only one of them was working AGAIN. total fuckin bummer but i still managed to play MOST of what i was intending to today in spite of crooked styli and shit, here it is:

Heavy Times – Welcome to the Graveyard (Dead, Rotted Tooth, 2011 orig. 2010)
Heavy Times – Skull Hair (Jacker, HoZac, 2011)
Butcher Cover – Modfucker (s/t lp, Rotted Tooth, 2011)
Low Life – Rewire (Sydney Darbs, Negative Guest List, 2011)
Degreaser – A3 (Bottom Feeder, Negative Guest List, 2011)
Degreaser – A4 (*)
Gaunt – Jim Motherfucker (Jim Motherfucker 7”, Get Hip, 2011 orig. 1992)
Video – Images (Leather Leather, Play Pinball, 2011)
Monoshock – Hawkwind Show (Nitroglycerine +2, Bag Of Hammers, 1995)
True Sons of Thunder – Nate the Rat (Spoonful of Seedy Dudes, Jeth Row, 2011)
The Onions – Ancient Astronaut (demo CD-R, Certified PR, 2011)
Roach Motel – Death Squad (It’s Lonely At The Top, Florida’s Dying, 2011)
Roach Motel – Shut Up (*)
The Shit Dogs – Raw Meat (History of Cheese, Last Laugh, 2011)
The Shit Dogs – Killer Cain (*)
Chester Vomit & The Dry Heaves – Driving It Home (Stunk Rocker, Rave Up, 2008 orig. 1978)
King Usniewicz & His Usniewicztones – If I Had A Hammer (Doin’ the Woo Hoo, Norton, 1994)
King Usniewicz & His Usniewicztones – The Chicken Pecker (*)
Hasil Adkins – Ha Ha Cat Walk Baby (Out To Hunch, Norton, 1986)
Hasil Adkins – Rockin’ Robin (*)

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somebody fucked up the cartridge on one of the station's turntables trying to be DJ remix or some shit, it was bullshit and the quality of today's show suffers because of it, oh well, it is what it is:

Hey everyone! Today's show was kinda EFFED UP because one of the turntables was out of commission (stylus broke off) so I ended up having to play shit off my phone and didn't even get a chance to play all the crap i brought aaahhhhhhhh.. well i think i did a decent job and managed to play MOST of what i wanted to, hope it sounds OKAY

Timmy’s Organism – “Mind Over Matter” (split 7” w/ John Wesley Coleman III, Goner, 2011)
Liquor Store – “Banned from the Block” (Yeah Buddy, Almost Ready, 2011)
Dead Moon – “Dead Moon Night” (Unknown Passage, Mississippi, 2011 orig. 1989)
Rocket From The Tombs – “Birth Day” (Barfly, Smog Veil, 2011)
Dan Melchior Und Das Menace – “Mr. Oblivian” (Mr. Oblivian 7”, Columbus Discount, 2009)
Acid Baby Jesus – “I’m A Baby” (LP, Slovenly, 2011)
Shannon and The Clams – “The Cult Song” (Sleep Talk, 1-2-3-4 Go!, 2011)
Cum Stain – “Broke My Dick” (Hurry Up and Kill Yourself You Scumbag Trust Me Your Mother Won't Miss You, Burger, 2011)
Reatards – “Quite All Right” (Teenage Hate, Goner, 2011 orig. 1998)
Reatards – “Fashion Victim” (*)
Oblivians – “Memphis Creep” (Six of the Best, Sympathy for the Record Industry, 1995)
The Freeze – “I Hate Tourists” (s/t 7”, Schizophrenic, 2005 orig. 1980)
Watery Love – “Die With Dignity” (Die With Dignity 7”, Siltbreeze, 2011)
Hatefuck – “Hwy 10” (Rock ‘N Roll Letdown, Negative Guest List, 2011)
The Zeros – “Main Street Brat” (Main Street Brat b/w Handgrenade Heart 7”, Last Laugh, 2010)
The Spits – “Fed Up” (V, In The Red, 2011)
The Spits – “Fallout Beach” (*)
Kitchen’s Floor – “Twenty-Four” (Look Forward To Nothing, Siltbreeze, 2011)
Wooden Shjips – “Looking Out” (West, Thrill Jockey, 2011)

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repost of what i originally wrote for this show on facefuckinbook:

Hey everyone! Had a DECENT show today, and i say decent because the music was all real cool (of course) but i kept effin up shit. i dunno why but the mp3 player jack thing wasn't working either so when i tried to play the theme song off my phone nothing happened... weird. i was also gonna stream a song from Spotify off the new album by The Spits but, alas, i could not! i remembered to bring my 45 adapter this time (although it popped out of one of the damn singles as i was trying to queue it up, ugh). despite errors and other stuff i still think today was pretty good, pretty DECENT, here's what was played:

Blank Realm - "Hey! Little Child" (Hey! Little Child 7", Negative Guest List, 2011)
Acid Baby Jesus - "Mesmerized" (LP, Slovenly, 2011)
Case Studies - "Lies" (The World is Just a Shape to Fill the Night, Sacred Bones, 2011)
Cult of Youth - "The Devil's Coals" (The Devils Coals 7", Blind Prophet, 2011)
Johnathan Halper - "Leaving My Old Life Behind" (Puce Moment OST 7", Puck Productions, 2011)
Psandwich - "Spiral Scroll Stroll" (Northren Psych, Columbus Discount, 2011)
Psandwich - "Third Eye Pod" (*)
Human Eye - "Junkyard Heart" (They Came From The Sky, Sacred Bones, 2011)
John Wesley Coleman III - "A Clown Gave You A Baby" (split 7" w/ Timmy's Organism, Goner, 2011)
Royal Headache - "Wilson Street" (s/t LP, R.I.P. Society, 2011)
Royal Headache - "Honey Joy" (*)
The Perennials - "My Side of the Mountain" (Party Pack 2x7", Eradicator, 2011)
The Perennials - "Savannah" (*)
Kitchen's Floor - "116" (Look Forward To Nothing, Siltbreeze, 2011)
Kitchen's Floor - "Regrets" (*)
Red Mass - "Suicide" (Suicide 7", Certified PR, 2011)
The Spits - "Sk8" (1st s/t LP, Slovenly, 2011 orig. 2000)
Royal Headache - "Down the Lane" (*)
Hammer Damage - "Laugh" (Laugh 7", Last Laugh, 2011 orig. 1982)
Kitchen's Floor - "Every Day" (*)

somewhere in there is side A off a single by Moscow Moscow Moscow (i forget the name) but that was at the heigth of my fuck-uppage so i don't even think you can hear it..... i will make up for this next week with more new records!!! THANKS FOR LISTENING

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repost of what i originally wrote on facebook for this show:

Had a great show today! I did forget AGAIN to bring a 45 adapter with me so I didn't get to play everything I brought with me, I will definitely make sure to not forget again next week...

Dead Moon – Milkcow Blues (Defiance, Mississippi, 2011 orig. 1990)
Dead Moon – Hey Joe (In The Graveyard, Mississippi, 2011 orig. 1988)
Dead Moon – Time Has Come Today (Unknown Passage, Mississippi, 2011 orig. 1989)
Coïtus int. – Dry Up Soon (Dead Excitement ep, Bunkerpop, 2011 orig. 1980)
Coïtus int. – On the Escalator (*)
Iggy & The Stooges – Search & Destroy *request
Watery Love – Leave Me Alone (Die With Dignity 7”, Siltbreeze, 2011)
The Onions – Door to Door Meat Salesman (Tour CD-R, Certified PR, 2011)
The Onions – End of the Night (*)
GG King – Don’t Breathe On Me (Esoteric Lore, Rob’s House, 2011)
GG King – Acid (*)
Brain F/ - Sleep Rough (Sleep Rough, Grave Mistake, 2011)
Brain F/ - Fou Raide (*)
Deaf Wish – Green Flame (s/t LP, Radio Records Melbourne, 2011 orig. 2007)
The People’s Temple – You Don’t Know (Just Where I Been) (You Don’t Know (Just Where I Been) 7”, Certified PR, 2011)
The People’s Temple – Shoot Her Down (*)
Liquid Stone – Here Comes The Weekend (Here Comes the Weekend 7”, Sing Sing, 2011 orig. 1981)
The Moondogs – Two’s A Crowd (Heads I Win 7”, Sing Sing, 2011 orig. 1979)
Clap – My Imagination (Have You Reached Yet?, Sing Sing, 2011 orig. 1973)

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Thanks for listening! Extra big thanks to whoever called in with the request!


so before i started this here WEBLOG i was just posting playlists to the facebook but nobody ever "liked" it or commented so fuckem. as i mentioned in the last post i've had a show on and off (mainly on) for abouts the past 7 years but most of my old shows and stuff are pretty much undocumented so i figured i'd start doing that now with this blog. KSDT Radio is a freeform college station located at UC San Diego, you can stream shows live if you want and i'll be posting up links to download em as well. the school goes by a quarterly system, and in this inaugural playlist post it's the first show from the Fall 2011 quarter. sweet, let's get to the good shit, i'm just gonna copy paste whatever i wrote on facebook for these first few ones:

Yeeaaaahhhhhh I'm back on the air and got tons and tons of cool new stuff to play for everyone! First show since Spring and so many great records came out over the Summer I've gotta spend this and the next few shows recapping it all! Check out today's playlist, download links at the bottom, hope ya like it!

Reatards - Stacye (Teenage Hate, Goner, 2011 orig. 1998)
Reatards - I Love Living (*)
The Spits - Die Die Die (1st s/t LP, Slovenly, 2011 orig. 2000)
The Spits - Black Kar (*)
The Wax Museums - Between (Eye Times, Trouble In Mind, 2011)
The Wax Museums - Bruiser (*)
Royal Headache - Psychotic Episode (s/t LP, R.I.P. Society, 2011)
Total Control - Carpet Rash (Henge Beat, Iron Lung, 2011)
Psandwich - Sketchnya (Northren Psych, Columbus Discount, 2011)
Liquor Store - Gas Station (Yeah Buddy, Almost Ready, 2011)
Mickey - Rock N' Roll Dreamer (Rock 'N Roll Dreamer, HoZac, 2011)
Cum Stain - Vicdumb (Hurry Up and Kill Yourself You Scumbag Trust Me Your Mother Won't Miss You, Burger, 2011)
Rocket From The Tombs - I Sell Soul (Barfly, Smog Veil, 2011)
Woods - Find Them Empty (Find Them Empty 7", Sacred Bones, 2011)
The Paperhead - In A Living Swing (Focus In On... The Looking Glass, Trouble In Mind, 2011)
Michael Yonkers Band - Microminiature Love (Microminiature Love, Sub Pop, 2011)
Michael Yonkers Band - Boy in the Sandbox (*)

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