Thursday, December 1, 2011


repost of what i originally wrote on facebook for this show:

Had a great show today! I did forget AGAIN to bring a 45 adapter with me so I didn't get to play everything I brought with me, I will definitely make sure to not forget again next week...

Dead Moon – Milkcow Blues (Defiance, Mississippi, 2011 orig. 1990)
Dead Moon – Hey Joe (In The Graveyard, Mississippi, 2011 orig. 1988)
Dead Moon – Time Has Come Today (Unknown Passage, Mississippi, 2011 orig. 1989)
Coïtus int. – Dry Up Soon (Dead Excitement ep, Bunkerpop, 2011 orig. 1980)
Coïtus int. – On the Escalator (*)
Iggy & The Stooges – Search & Destroy *request
Watery Love – Leave Me Alone (Die With Dignity 7”, Siltbreeze, 2011)
The Onions – Door to Door Meat Salesman (Tour CD-R, Certified PR, 2011)
The Onions – End of the Night (*)
GG King – Don’t Breathe On Me (Esoteric Lore, Rob’s House, 2011)
GG King – Acid (*)
Brain F/ - Sleep Rough (Sleep Rough, Grave Mistake, 2011)
Brain F/ - Fou Raide (*)
Deaf Wish – Green Flame (s/t LP, Radio Records Melbourne, 2011 orig. 2007)
The People’s Temple – You Don’t Know (Just Where I Been) (You Don’t Know (Just Where I Been) 7”, Certified PR, 2011)
The People’s Temple – Shoot Her Down (*)
Liquid Stone – Here Comes The Weekend (Here Comes the Weekend 7”, Sing Sing, 2011 orig. 1981)
The Moondogs – Two’s A Crowd (Heads I Win 7”, Sing Sing, 2011 orig. 1979)
Clap – My Imagination (Have You Reached Yet?, Sing Sing, 2011 orig. 1973)

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Alternate download link

Thanks for listening! Extra big thanks to whoever called in with the request!

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