Wednesday, November 30, 2011


okay so first off here's a few things about my radio show that i guess you should know before i start posting :

1. the name of my radio show is Stoned Out Of My Mind, my DJ handle is Debaser which is kinda dumb because i haven't listened to the pixies in years, and i've been doing it for almost 7 fuckin years and i still kinda suck at being a radio host but i hope the music makes up for that

2. every show starts off with the "Theme Song" which is the song "Stoned Out Of My Mind" by japanese psychedelic titans SPEED, GLUE & SHINKI. it's the theme song because it has a fuckin epic intro and its a sick ass song from the 70s about drugs and listening to my radio show while on drugs or beer will probably make it sound much better

3. for each show i'll update this shit with the playlist [which will be in the format of: Artist - Title (Release, Label, Year)] as well as a couple links to download the archived mp3 of the broadcast.

4. i play mainly PUNK, GARAGE ROCK, and PSYCH but since we're a freeform station over at KSDT i can pretty much play whatever i want, which is fuckin badass!!!! we're also not on the actual radio (internet-only) which kinda sucks but it also means no FCC regulations so i can play songs that say "fuck you!" or whatever as much as i want.

there might be more to know but my fuckin lunch break at work is almost over so i'll start updating this with my most recent shows' playlists later tonight!

damn i got a fuckin blog i feel like fuckin mark twain or some shit

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