Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stoned Out Of My Mind | 04-24-13

ANNNNNNNDD here's today's show, featuring a whole bunch of real long experimental tracks from the likes of La Monte Young, No Guru, Prisoners Go Go Band, and more!! Only a handful of tracks on this one but they're all crazy good, specially that La Monte Young bootleg. So what are you even waiting for? Get in your ideal mind-state and tune in to this shit, my dude!

La Monte Young & The Theatre of Eternal Music - Raag Bhairava (Excerpt 1) | Raag Bhairava | not on label | 2012
No Guru - ForFela | There's No Guru | Hashram | 2013
Prisoners Go Go Band | Unit Two: Air Raid Shelter / Special Guest Forgets to Water Himself / Meatworkers Strike a Light | Prisoners Go Go Band Live! At The Butchery With Special Guests On Fire | S.S. | 2011
Love Chants - Small Jewels | s/t 12" | Quemada | 2013
The Garbage & the Flowers - Love Comes Slowly Now | Eyes Rind as if Beggars | Bo'Weavil / Fire | 2013 orig. 1997

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