Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stoned Out Of My Mind | 04-17-13

Hello out there in Internet podcast-downloadin' land or wherever you are at! First off, I'm terribly sorry 'bout bein' so late in gettin' my blogz/cloudz updated and all that with the latest editions of SOOMM. But now I got my act together and gottem up and am posting this at the moment. So, first off in this here posting we got last week's show which was kinda lame coz I showed up late and ran outta time to play all the cool stuff I brought. But it's all good coz I still managed to play most of what I wanted to, and it's all real cool new stuff from the likes of Milk Music, Purling Hiss, Merchandise, and a couple more super-hip bands sure to give me and my crummy blogs new subscribers or whatever, not to even mention the awesome reissues from 100 Flowers, Sleaze, and Coloured Balls, plus lots more!! Cool shit! Hope ya enjoy this half-assed show and the most recent one from earlier today will be posted shortly, thanks for tunin' in:

Coloured Balls - Flash | Ball Power | Sing Sing | 2012 orig. 1973
100 Flowers - Head, No Heart | s/t LP | Superior Viaduct | 2013 orig. 1983
Sleaze - Showbiz Kid | s/t LP | Sing Sing | 2013 orig. 1975
Milk Music - Illegal and Free | Cruise Your Illusion | self-released | 2013
Purling Hiss - Rat Race | Water on Mars | Drag City | 2013
Timmy's Organism - Drunken Man | Raw Sewage Roq | In The Red | 2012
Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club - The Wall of Death | Love Police | Guitars and Bongos | 2011
Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club - U.S.F. | *
The Men - Freaky | New Moon | Sacred Bones | 2013
Iceage - Coalition | Ecstasy 7" | Escho | 2013
Iceage - A Rifle | *
Merchandise - Anxiety's Door | Totale Nite | Night People | 2013

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