Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stoned Out Of My Mind | 05-07-12

Greetings everyone! Today I had an amazing show, played a whole bunch of new stuff I've been getting into recently and getting real excited about. I guess it'd all be in the vein of experimental/minimalist/deconstructed/avant-whateveryouwannacall it, which is quite different from what I normally play, but this is damn good stuff. If you can forgive me of the faux pas of playing a handful of downloaded mp3s, I'd go ahead and say this was one of my best shows ever. I'm really glad I get to share all this interesting and new stuff. Music is extremely important to me. The times in my life I often felt like I had not much left to go on, there was always a song to keep me goin', or the hunt for the "next" song that'd I'd fall in love with. Being a fan of music has always been the one constant in my life. Seeing reflections of myself in other people's art kept me sane even through the darkest of times. Music saved my life, may it do the same for you.

As always, here's the playlist and the DL links are at the bottom, enjoy!

Noh Mercy LP The Shadow Ring - Put The Music In Its Coffin

Black Humor - Undancing In The Dirt | Love God Love One Another | Superior Viaduct | 2011 orig. 1982
Black Humor - Next Step | *
Noh Mercy - Pay the Devil | s/t LP | Superior Viaduct | 2012
Noh Mercy - Lines | *
The Shadow Ring - I Am A Lighthouse | Lighthouse | Swill Radio | 1999
The Shadow Ring - Put The Music In Its Coffin | Put The Music In Its Coffin | Siltbreeze | 1994
Dan Melchior - Clattering with Frankie | Excerpts and Half-Speeds | Kye | 2012
Mad Nanna - I Made Blood Better | I've Been Talking 7" | Little Big Chief | 2011
Mad Nanna - You Can't Expect It | I Made Blood Better | Negative Guest List | 2012
Mountain Cult - Dog Specimen | EP | self-released | 2011
Mountain Cult - Friends | *
Meat Thump - Box Of Wine | Box Of Wine b/w Feels Good | unreleased
Pink Reason - Here On In | Shit In The Garden | Siltbreeze | 2011
Pink Reason - You Can't Win | *
Jim Shepard - Pleasure | Motorcycle Movie | Iron Press | 1998
Jim Shepard - Burn Forward

Dan Melchior - Excerpt's (& Half Speeds) Mad Nanna - I Made Blood Better LP

Direct Link (ending cuts off!)

Better, alternate link

Thanks for listening! Hope ya hear something ya dig!

The Shadow Ring

"This album may help you in your crisis, listen to the whole damn thing. Don't be like those critics who mention two title songs from the first half of the album, making you wonder how far they got through it. Burn forward, don't look back..."
-Jim Shepard 

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