Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Watery Love - "Two Thrills"


newest 7" from my favorite band at the moment. side A gives us a Cramps cover ("New Kind of Kick") played in WL's signature style of picking a riff and beating it into the fuckin ground. i guess that's where the BRAINBOMBS comparisons come from but really this band is a behemoth sound unto its own. RAW. sloppy and heavy as fuck, and the riff gets fucked with enough times over to really blow yer fucked up mind every listen. the b-side gives us "A Condom" - a song about all the shit yer gonna pack for movie night ("beer, wine, bourbon, drugs...") and a short synopsis of the Naked Gun film, all while this killer fuckin riff keeps the pace strictly in the gutter, trudging along at the necessary 33 rpm that this single spins at. fuck, more bands should sound like this. not sure how many pressings were made but probably not many so get it if you still can... or hook me up with their debut single.... .. (Negative Guest List Records)

listen to the flip right here


(though i did not know him personally besides a few email exchanges, the world is a much bleaker place after the untimely death of Negative Guest List zine + label founder Brendon Annesley. my best wishes to those closest to him, i don't know what to say.)

GG King - "Two Track Party Pack"


one of the best singles from the oh eleven. Side A is a banger, and ain't it true how hard it is to wake up in the morning? a serious hit from Greg King. sounds like Carbonas?? fuck it. that's a GOOD thing. i mean, GG KING really pushed the envelope with the "Esoteric Lore" lp and that shit doesn't sound like CARBONAS, so go listen to that shit too i think it's even on spotify for fucks sake. OR ya can just flip this bitch over and listen to the B-side, a great take of "Drug Induced State" by The Ralphs. fuckin weird, it has a theremin or some shit in the background, definitely sounds better if yer in the songs namesake. american punk exported to Germany and imported back, worth it, 100 pressings on black/red splatter and a few US distros finally picked this up (along with the stellar KIDDA BAND 2xlp) so give em yer cash!!!!!!!!! (Red Lounge Records)

someone conveniently put the a-side up on youtube, listen to it, what a fuckin HIT!!!!!!

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