Friday, May 16, 2014

Stoned Out Of My Mind | 05-15-14

hey folks, sorry bout there being no update last week, i was at home sick and didn't make it to the station to do the show... sorry! anyway, on the new edition of SOOMM we serve up a heaping dose of some of the finest in experimental/avant stuff goin' on these days. highlights include the two new releases on Wormwood Grasshopper, new Wonderfuls single on No Magic Man, some samples of the latest Alberts Basement tapes, plus a big chunk of the second half of the killer Good Area LP from last year!! i give a warning bout not being too sure how this show was gonna turn out since i didn't put as much time into planning it out as i normally do (anyone have any advice on dealing with a stubborn DUal 521?) but it turned out cool in the end so i hope ya like it

Love Chants - Untitled II | 2nd 12” | R.I.P. Society | 2013
Rentboy - Woke Upon Fire | King of Knives cs | Alberts Basement | 2014
Drunk Elk - Atmospheric Spies | Oceanus Procellarum | Wormwood Grasshopper | 2014
Simon Finn - Where’s Your Master Gone | Pass The Distance | Little Big Chief | 2014 orig. 1971
Wonderfuls - Tears Down My Cheek | Be Careful Of What You’ve Become 7” | No Magic Man | 2014
Wonderfuls - Evoke | *
Graham Lambkin - Attersaye | Abersayne b/w Attersaye 7” | Kye | 2013
Muura - Untitled (side b excerpt) | Untitled LP | Wormwood Grasshopper | 2014
Bruce Tiffany - Electric Trees | Bruce Tiffany cs | Alberts Basement | 2014

Good Area - French Antarctica (side b excerpt) | French Antarctica | Kye | 2013

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