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Stoned Out Of My Mind | 12-08-13

Greetings Internet Music Fans, so I'm extremely late in getting this posted up, but what we have right here is the very last edition of SOOMM for the year 2013. Yup, no more shows til about a week or two from now, but in the meantime I'll get around to posting a "best of" type list covering all of 2013 so keep an eye out for that. And I'll try to actually remember to post it, unlike the "best of 2012" list which I did actually write yet never put on the blog for whatever reason, dang! Anyway, I really wanted to end this program by playing the long track on the b-side of the Life Stinks LP, and I kinda planned everything out to be longer than an hour since I was seriously expecting my fellow DJs before/after my time slot to not show up like they didn't last time (it being finals week and all), but unfortunately that didn't work out so I ended up havin' ta cut it completely..... epic bummer, my dudes.. in any case, here's the last 2013 Stoned Out Of My Mind:

Spray Paint - Ultimate Umpire | Rodeo Songs | S.S. | 2013
The Blind Shake - Calligraphy | Key To A False Door | Castle Face | 2013
Amateur Childbirth - Oblast | Pripyat | Disembraining Machine | 2013
Wonderfuls - Relapse | Salty Town | self-released | 2013
Love Chants - I Won't Run | S/T 12" | Quemada | 2013
Sky Needle - A Tourist | Debased Shapes | bruit direct disques | 2013
Alice Coltrane-Turiyasangitanada - Keshava Murahara | Divine Songs | Tummy Tapes | 2013 orig. 1987
The Lloyd Pack - Marsupial Leopard | At Home With The Lloyd Pack | L'Esprit De L'Escalier | 2013
Dan Melchior - Sagittarius A* | C.C.D.E. Music | Little Big Chief | 2013
The Devil - Agatha Christie | S/T LP | Copy | 2013
39 Clocks - A Look Into You | Pain It Dark | Luxury Products | 2013 orig. 1981

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