Sunday, July 7, 2013


Soooo if ya tuned into the last episode of Stoned Out Of My Mind way bak when, you heard me say somethin like "tune in next week for more shit" and, yeah, that never happened. in fact i'm not sure when the next podcast'll be (there WILL be one, someday), so instead of letting this thing DIE like that i'm gonna start updating it sporadically with reviews of records i like (maybe even some i don't like). That was the originaly intention of this blog anyway, to be a combination podcast/review blog, but writing about music is at lot harder than just playing it so i never really got into writing that much... until now! coz believe it or not there's still music worth hearing out there, despite the damage widely available internet access has done, but hopefully these music "writings" at least help ya find what few golden turds exist in the wide ocean of online shit. and don't forget to support the fuckin labels, dude

anyway, let's get this going, first one is a doozy....


Debut LP from Melbourne Australia's SATANIC ROCKERS, following up on their ridiculously great 7" on Quemada Records. I was a huge fan of that single, particularly the b-side, and had real high expectations for this long player after hearing the CDr's, and it rules even more than I thought it would. opening with "Magic Wandella" with the bands raw blues-on-drugs-from-hell (or someplace easily mistaken for Hell, like yer own lonely filthy bedroom) dirgey/dirty guitar sound, stoned and overdubbed vocals relating hatred for small towns full of douchebags (if my knowledge of the band's history is corre t thaen this song is about a gig they played and had to fend off a group of rabid jocks by throwing tour CDs at em) and barely-there percussion thats hardly keeping time as much as it seems to try to be playing along with the guitars and bass(?) whoa re barely playing together as it is. this is it man, the way rock music should sound in 2013, and if fucked up druggy shit like this ain't yer thing thenn yourre probably some douche jock meathead anyway. "They don't like our music / To them it's noise" too fuckin right. this first song gets you in the zone for what follows, with tracks like "Fruit Shop Rat" (the successor to the quemada single's "Rat vs. Boredom") talking shit on some kiss-ass named Kieran and his crummy band, "Micro Manager" points out how shitty figures of authority at your place of employment are in case you didnt realize already, while being in the position of "Regional Command" with a big machine gun mowin em all down sounds like a great time. on Side B we have a monster version of "Eviction" even more killer and fully realized than what was heard on the 7", followed by "Neighbours", one of the catchiest songs on the album though I prefer the version from the Xmas Fart Cracker CDr which is slower and weirder. Last but not least we get to "The Legendary Pignose which is the biggest winner on this helluva LP: a tribute to the brand of practice amps the group uses and records with, right down to the lyrics themselves which were taken straight off the box. the groove will get stuck in your head while the raw guitar and vox will keep you coming back for more, you'd think something liek this would be straightforward in theory but in practice it is otherworldly. Not sure exactly what type of abuse led to this group of dudes making sounds like these but after spending an entire afternoon/evening in a boozy haze listening to this album on repeat i can say for certain it is the best thing of the year thus far and has little chance to budge from that position, not to mention the album art which is the best ever. Split release between Alberts Basement, Sunshine & Grease, and Black Petal records, buy it in the US from Little Big Chief, top shelf tunes for discerning music fans. 

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