Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stoned Out Of My Mind | 2-13-13

Oh crap, a billion apologies for the supreme delay in getting this up! My Audacity was bein real dumb when I was workin on it and it took me a while to figure it out (and it'd only let me do it in mono for some reason)... and honestly I'm not too thrilled about a couple things that happened during this show: a) one of the turntable needles ate shit and died right off the bat and it took a little while to get it fixed and b) I forgot my friggin 45 adapters at home and the station only has one so that kinda messed things in terms of what I was gonna play later on...

But maybe I'm just being hard on myself for being a dumbass, so here's the latest edition of SOOMM featuring brand new releases from Sad Boys, Spray Paint, Banque Allemande, Nothing People, & forthcoming material from Rule of Thirds and Mordecai + tons more!! and to make up for all the weird dumb crap I'm gonna finally post that mythical "Best of 2012" list I keep forgetting to. Also stay tuned for a new show coming up in like a day and a half, already workin on that one and it's gonna rock for days. Anyway, enjoy!

Sad Boys - Frolic | s/t 7" | Toxic State | 2013
Sad Boys - Tiny Hands | *
St. Dad - Green Gods | s/t LP | Vinyl Rites / Moon Machination / 16OH | 2012
St. Dad - New Friends | *
Who Killed Spikey Jacket? - Punks Dress Punk | s/t LP | Total Fucker | 2012
Who Killed Spikey Jacket? - Spike Your Hair With Beer | *
Surgeons - Whip Them Lord | Whip Them Lord 7" | Total Punk | 2012
Spray Paint - Down To Party | s/t LP | S.S. | 2013
Spray Paint - Lap Swimming | *
Rule of Thirds - Mouthful | s/t 7" | No Patience / Video Disease | forthcoming
Banque Allemande - Suchmaschine | Willst du Chinese sein musst du die ekligen Sachen essen | S.S. | 2013
Mordecai - Rety | College Rock | Richie | forthcoming
Nothing People - Walk On | C'mon Girl 7" | S.S. | 2013
Cheater Slicks - Psychic Toll | Reality Is A Grape | Columbus Discount | 2012
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Call | Ready For Boredom | R.I.P. Society | 2013
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Have You Ever | *
Mike Rep & The Quotas - Rocket To Nowhere | Rocket To Nowhere 7" | Mighty Mouth | 2012 orig. 1978
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - Wrongheaded | Bait and Switch | Onion | 1995

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