Monday, June 11, 2012


So i'm bein lame and staying home again today but here's why:

a) It's finals week on the campus and it's Monday which means parking is gonna be a total clusterfuck. I also work different, later hours so I'd have to bum around for a few hours after doing the show before even starting work instead of just being able to go in right after. That sucks.

b) I'm still waiting on a few records that were on the set I had planned out anyway so I'll just do the show next week, when no one's around, at a better time, and with the records in hand so I'm not half-assing it anyway. Stay tuned to find out when the make-up show will be!

In the meantime I'm thinkin' i'll write up a few more shitty reviews for everyone to read, cuttin' back on the booze this week so maybe i'll actually get some stuff done

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